More Food Pictures!

Legoland Malaysia

It was on our to-do list, but then they put in a Star Wars display, so we had to go right away!  We liked it even more than expected, so we took a bunch of pictures.

Road Trip

There’s a whole country to explore!  And we like road trips anyway.

Our New Home

We got our new house on a Wednesday.  On Thursday, our air shipment AND our dogs were delivered.  Oh, and it RAINED that day.  Fortunately our stuff was all extremely well-packed, and though some of the packing was wet, all the stuff was dry and safe!  Oh, and the dogs came in a van, so they were dry too.

Driving Around

We took a number of drives to get familiar with the area.  There are palm plantations all over.  Palm oil is a commercial crop here, so instead of the flat farmland you’d see in the USA, it’s forests of palmtrees.

Cool Food

There’s all kinds of cool new foods here!

Finally in Malaysia

When we got to Malaysia, we stayed in a hotel until our house was ready.

A driver came to Singapore to pick us up and take us to Malaysia.  Since it was a holiday, they left the keys to the rental car for Josh with the company gate guard.  Neither of us has driven a right-hand drive car OR on the left side of the road before (left turn on red!).  It was shortly after Josh turned the wipers on instead of the turn signal that he said “Oh my God, we’re gonna die!”

Fortunately, because it was a holiday, there was almost no traffic at all.  We drove around for quite a while after checking into the hotel just to get the hang of things.

Other Singapore Stuff

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

We also visited Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.  Lots of cool stuff there!

Singapore Botanic Gardens