More Foods

More fun food stuff.

First, some very iconic must-try dishes from Malaysia and Singapore:

Chili crab.  Crab(s) cooked in a sweet chili sauce (generally anywhere from no spiciness up to maybe a medium spicy, depending on who is making it).  There aren’t really words to describe how delicious this is, but it is often served with fried buns to help soak up some of the amazing sauce (and let’s be honest, when the buns ran out, we resorted to spoons).  This dish is messy, but incredibly worth it.


Black pepper crab.  Every bit as delicious as the chili crab (I did not think this was possible), but in a different way.  The black pepper sauce isn’t extremely hot, and just balances so incredibly well with the naturally sweet crab meat.  Not QUITE as messy as the chili crab, but almost.

Fish head curry.  In particular, this one is made with red snapper.  We both liked it quite a bit, though I doubt we’ll be trying to replicate the recipe at home (finding fish heads there may be more involved than just stopping at the grocery store).


Some Thai food:

Drinks: young coconut, lychee drink, and starfruit juice

Food set: mango salad, tom yum soup, rice, and grilled chicken

Desserts: Steamed tapioca with coconut cream, and water chestnut “rubies” in coconut milk with ice


Some assorted Chinese foods:

Lemongrass drink

La mian noodles in szechwan soup

Wild boar curry