We visited the historic city of Malacca (also spelled Melaka), which is in the state of Malacca (easy enough to remember).  Upon arriving, we noticed some things that seemed familiar…

Bendera Melaka

This is the vertical hanging version of the flag of Malacca (Note: picture found on wikipedia, I didn’t take this one).

It was such a good idea, they used the same font and everything…

For those who didn’t immediately make the connection, that flag looks very much like the Texas state flag, and the “Don’t Mess with Melaka” banner is nearly a direct copy of the “Don’t Mess with Texas” version.

Stuff I didn’t take pictures of: the Jonker Street Night Market and the food we ate there, including sausage on a stick, fried potato on a stick, chicken on a stick (aka satay), and yogurt ice cream in a plastic egg.

I did take pictures of the historic stuff we visited though.

Christ Church. Apparently you go to Malacca and take pictures of this building, because it is old and bright red – though it looks brown in this picture because of the shadows.

Queen Victoria’s Fountain

Cannons on top of a rebuilt portion of the old fort wall.

Those same cannons from the outside.

The wall, but wait! There’s something up there!

It’s a baby monitor lizard!

Literally after turning around from taking a picture of the little monitor lizard, there was a MUCH bigger one.

I will admit to being a little jealous that it got to go swimming (it was starting to get pretty warm out)

The Melaka Malay Sultanate Water Wheel

The Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum – the boat is the museum.

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, and they sat us at a table practically underneath this.  That’s right, we traveled half way around the world to eat food sitting next to some clothes that came from Detroit.

St. Paul’s Church, up on St. Paul’s Hill.

We liked this tree, we aren’t sure if it’s significant in any way though.

A’Famosa Fort – the only thing left standing is this gateway.

Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum – unfortunately it was closed, but it’s a really neat wooden building (most buildings in Malaysia aren’t wood)

St. Francis Xavier Church

Kuala Lumpur (very briefly)

We went to Malacca by way of Kuala Lumpur (KL).  It’s not really on the way (we actually had to backtrack to get to Malacca after going to KL), but we had not been to KL and they’re both in the same direction.  We wanted to get a look at the famous Petronas Towers in person, but didn’t have a whole lot else we wanted to do in KL so we didn’t stay very long.

We were impressed by some of the dedication to advertising.

This is what we actually got out of the car for in KL.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Again

This time we got a chance to go to the orchid garden as well.