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Fruit – Durian

Durian probably is (or should be) on any list of “extremely strange fruits” out there.  Durian literally means “thorny” because of the hard thorny outside shell.  They grow on trees, and can actually be dangerous if they fall on you (they vary in size, but are about the size of a human head).  Inside the […]

Tioman Island Diving

We went back to Tioman for more SCUBA diving.  The island itself is quite beautiful, and we had a room right on the beach.   And I finally got some diving video!  I made two versions of the video, the first one is the “short” version which is about 5 minutes long, the second is […]

Fruit – Salak

Salak, or “snake fruit” gets its name not from actual snakes, but from the scaly brown skin.  It actually grows on palm trees.  The dry outside peels easily away from the tender inner flesh segments, which have seeds in them (kind of like a mango, the seed is quite attached to the flesh).  The edible […]

Fruit – Rambutan

Rambutan means “hairy” (why be creative with a fruit name when you can just be descriptive, right?).  This fruit is a relative of the lychee, and shares quite a few of the same characteristics.  The spines on the skin are actually quite soft, not pokey.  Keep an eye out in any sci-fi TV show or […]

Fruit – Lychee

The fruit in Malaysia is interesting, and though a lot of it can be obtained in the USA, it’s usually not as good as it should be or costs quite a bit.  This is the first in probably a good number of posts describing some of the fruits (and possibly vegetables) we’ve tried. A number […]

More Foods

More fun food stuff. First, some very iconic must-try dishes from Malaysia and Singapore: Chili crab.  Crab(s) cooked in a sweet chili sauce (generally anywhere from no spiciness up to maybe a medium spicy, depending on who is making it).  There aren’t really words to describe how delicious this is, but it is often served […]

The Bathrooms are Different

In most public restrooms, there are two different types of toilet. First is the standard sit-down stool model that you’d find in the USA. The other kind is the “squatty potty” Unfortunately in crowded public restrooms, people tend to… camp out… in the stalls with the sit-down toilets. You’ll have to use your imagination and […]